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The database contains details of people, in the course of the centuries, whose hearts or entrails have been buried separately from the rest of the body. The data are taken from literature, personal accounts, the author's own research and the internet. It also includes names of persons whose separate burial of the heart or entrails is not historically supported—in other words is dubious—but who have been mentioned in literary contexts. These cases are marked separately (see below).

The separate burying of entrails has also been included due to the fact that heart burial developed from this custom and that the chest organs (praecordia) were sometimes buried together with the organs of the abdomen (viscera, intestina). Both these funeral rites—heart burial and burial of the entrails—often took place at the same time but at different locations (see text about heart burial).

A summary such as this has not existed internationally up till now, but since a much greater number of heart burials has taken place, the author needs more information concerning names and dates to complete the index.

If you should have such information, i.e. names, literature or other sources which have not been mentioned here, could you please contact the author, who will get in touch with you directly (ad [at] herzsymbol [dot] de).

If you quote this website, please give the source of your quote by naming the author and take into consideration the fact that the copyrights for the pictures in the website have many different origins.

Search database (German only)

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