Eternal Hearts—History of Heart Burial in Europe

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduction
    2. Heart Burial—History and Significance
  2. The myth of the heart in the modern age
  3. The heart in Ancient Egypt
  4. Motives of Heart Burial
    1. The Middle Ages
    2. Renaissance and Baroque
    3. Modern Times
  5. Early burials of hearts and entrails
  6. The crusades, the papal ban on heart burial, autopsies in scholastic medicine
  7. Typology of heart graves, shape of urns, exhumation of heart graves
  8. Heart Relics
  9. The hearts of the French Kings
  10. The House of Habsburg
  11. Bavarian Hearts
  12. Hearts of religious leaders
  13. The "Precordii" of the Popes
  14. The Rest of Europe
  15. The 19th century
  16. The end of heart burials
  17. Heart Transplantation—the life of the heart after death
  18. Conclusion
  19. Heart Burial: Statistics
  20. Literature